Logger 日志输出请使用占位符 {}

2023-03-13 09:17:48


In Logger, the logging methods are overloaded with forms that accept one, two or more values.[9] Occurrences of the simple pattern {} in the log message are replaced in turn with the values. This is simple to use yet provides a performance benefit when the values have expensive toString() methods. When logging is disabled at the DEBUG level, the logging framework does not need to evaluate the string representation of the values. In the following example, the values count or userAccountList only need to be evaluated when DEBUG is enabled; otherwise the overhead of the debug call is trivial.

private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Wombat.class);
LOG.debug("There are now " + count + " user accounts: " + userAccountList); // slow
LOG.debug("There are now {} user accounts: {}", count, userAccountList);    // faster



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