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1个语言类型Java is primarily an object-oriented programming language that requires a virtual machine platform for its execution.JavaScript是一种轻量级的编程语言(“脚本语言”),用于制作不需要这种虚拟环境即可执行的网页。
2语法和语义Java is a type of language where compiler reports exception in case syntax does not meet the requirement or we can say type and code semantics get checked at compile time.另一方面,JavaScript的语言类型较弱,语法和规则更为宽松。
3哎呀概念Java is a pure object-oriented programming language.另一方面,JavaScript是一种基于对象的脚本语言。
4JVM要求Java requires JVM in order to create a virtual environment for its code execution.另一方面,JavaScript代码仅在浏览器上运行,因此不需要Java JVM来执行代码。
5文件扩展名One difference between both is the extension of file in which java code is saved is ".java".而javascript代码会保存在扩展名为“ .js”的文件中
6性能和内存消耗As we know java requires JVM which makes it to consume more memory and slower in performance of code execution.Each time we need to deploy the code for reflecting the code change in java.另一方面,JavaScript代码只能在浏览器上编译和运行,因此会占用更少的内存并提高性能。每次我们都不需要部署代码以反映JavaScript中的代码更改。
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